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Welcome to Precision Rated Optics

Every day across the world, people just like you are contributing to the fiberoptic infrastructure that connects us all at the speed of light.

As we make the bold move from a copper connected world to a world connected by light, we need materials and equipment, tools and supplies. But most of all, we need the knowledge and know-how to get the job done, no matter how quickly the technology evolves or what challenges the next job throws at us.

You may know Precision Rated Optics as a manufacturer of ruggedized, well-designed,  reasonably-priced equipment and supplies. That’s all true. But we’re much more than that.

Precision Rated Optics, through cooperation with industry-leading educators, engineers and technicians, service providers and industry innovators can literally accomplish any task, large or small.  From fiber certification training to network diagnostics and characterization to asset management software solutions, consultation and engineering support.

At Precision Rated Optics we’re dedicated to raising the bar – to creating a company that you can think of as “one-stop-shopping” for all your fiber optic needs, whatever they may be.

Your job requires solutions. Work with a PRO.

Together we’ll get the job done.


Who Is Precision Rated Optics

Our mission is to design feature rich field units for fiber optic splicing and testing. Customers are to be treated as partners and the feedback they offer shall drive our product line-up. This will keep PRO at the vanguard of fiber testing and splicing equipment suppliers and closely connected to customers who inevitably determine the winners and losers.
We’ll focus on providing the best user experience possible. Whether we’re designing a new product, training the next generation of technicians or providing a professional service, we take great pride in remembering that we’re ultimately here to serve you and to provide you with the tools you need to get the job done right the first time.
Through continual improvement to our product line and dedication to our customers’ satisfaction, we will continue to provide the absolute best possible service and support to our customers and partners throughout the world. At PRO, we believe that OUR job is to make YOUR job easier.
If you are looking for a partner on Fiber Optic Products we can provide the solution you require. Whether you simply need a good price on consumables or are looking for the latest testing and measurement technology available in the industry, give us a call and let our experienced sales agents figure out how we can help you.

Our Focus

Products 90
Services 95
Solutions 85
OEM 75
FiberOptics.com, Inc. (dba. Precision Rated Optics) or “PRO” was created to bring to the global fiber optics industry a new and exciting choice in high quality fusion splicers and test equipment.

The PRO line-up offers an excellent performance vs. price ratio on test instruments and fusion splicers designed with features, performance and usability foremost in our mind. Therefore, PRO solutions provide productive and therefore profitable field units. PRO fusion splicers and PRO test instruments are known for their reliability, superior technology, and durability. Customers find that working with a PRO is easy and that a PRO has all of the features that they want and need in the field.

FiberOptics.com Inc.

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