Technician Go-Kits for Splicing and OTDR Testing

Basic, Entry-Level Go-Kits — No Frills, Only The Essentials

At the SCTE Cable-Tec EXPO in Philadelphia last month, we spoke to a lot of technicians who were looking for more basic Go-Kit configurations. They were interested in Go-Kits that had only the essential equipment so that they can add in their own tools that they use regularly and include their preferred cleaning supplies and consumables. While we offer custom Go-Kits where we let you choose which tools and consumables, we agreed that we should offer a basic, “beginner’s” Go-Kit. This is where our Technician Splicing and OTDR Go-Kits come into play.
    • PRO-5350 OTDR 1310/1550nm 33/32dB
    • VIP-45 Video Inspection Probe
    • PRO-CKTK-BASIC Cleaning & Tool Kit

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PRO-CK-CLEAN-02 Fiber Optic Cleaning Kit with Quick Clicks™ and Handheld Inspection Scope
Go-Kit Cleaning Kits
No fiber optic technician is complete without a Go-Kit Cleaning Kit. Always clean and inspect before you connect!
Inspection & Verification
80% of all field problems are due to dirty connectors. The VIP-45 Video Inspection Probe features an easy, single-finger focus with the ability to quickly view on a tablet, PC or mobile phone.