How do I become a reseller?2018-11-07T13:25:41-05:00

Are you interested in adding Precision Rated Optics product line to your portfolio? Fill out the form below to submit your request for approval. We will contact you for further information.

Fiber Optic Reseller Application

If you are interested in becoming an authorized fiber optic reseller for one of the leading manufacturers of fiber optic products and equipment, completely fill out the application to get started! All applications are subject to approval.

When should I use and OTDR rather than a power meter and laser source?2013-08-18T02:38:08-04:00

Whenever a fiber is installed an OTDR shot should be taken to create a benchmark of the fibers los over distance characteristics.  Additionally, anytime you are looking to locate an event which is causing loss in your network you need to use an OTDR to see the distance to the event.  A power meter will simply tell you the cumulative loss of the span.

What is the difference between a Core Alignment and Cladding Alignment Fusion Splicer?2013-08-18T02:35:44-04:00

Fusion splicing is the act of joining two optical fibers end-to-end using heat. The goal is to fuse the two fibers together in such a way that light passing through the fibers is not scattered or reflected back by the splice, and so that the splice and the region surrounding it are almost as strong as the fiber itself. The core alignment fusion splicers actually align the fiber’s core , or center most silica where light actually travels along the fiber’s path.  Cladding alignment fusion splicers only align the outer most silica of the fiber and rely on the manufacturing processes taken when the fiber was extruded to create the likeliness that the fibers cores are both centralized on the cladding and with therefore align correctly when spliced.

Who are your distributors?2018-04-30T16:36:06-04:00
Where should I purchase PRO products2018-10-30T16:27:41-04:00

Precision Rated Optics has partnered with several of the industry’s leading resellers and we are proud to work with the companies to support our customer’s needs for credit terms and availability of products. If you are interested in a PRO product we would encourage you to work with one of these partners to complete your purchase. However, if you require working with Precision Rated Optics directly we are more than happy to support your request but are limited to selling products are our stated list price to avoid conflict with our valued partners.

PRO Distributor Map

    1. Budco Cable
      2004 N. Yellowood Ave.
      Broken Arrow, OK 74012
      (800) 331-2246
    2. Cable Organizer
      6250 NW 27th Way
      Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309
      (866) 222-0030
    3. Datacraft Technologies, Inc
      23811 Washington Avenue Suite C110-127
      Murrieta, CA 92562
      (951) 677-2253
    4. Destiny Solutions
      8265 State Road 64
      Georgetown, IN 47122
      (812) 501-5043
    5. Fiber Optics for Sale
      61 Rickenbacker Circle, Suite C
      Livermore, CA 94551
      (510) 319-9878
    6. FiberOptic.com
      9999 Hamilton Blvd, Suite 220
      Breinigsville, PA 18031
      (877) 529-9114
    7. Gap Wireless
      2880 Argentia Road, Unit 8 & 9,
      Mississauga, ON L5N 7X8
      (855) 826-3781
    8. Micco Technologies
      137 Sebastian Blvd., Suite A
      Sebastian, FL 32958
      Phone: (772) 882-6834
    9. Power & Tel
      2673 Yale Avenue
      Memphis, TN 38112
      (800) 238-7514
    10. Talley Inc
      12976 Sandoval St.
      Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670
      (800) 949-7079
    11. TestEquity
      6100 Condor Dr
      Moorpark, CA 93021
      (800) 950-3457
    12. TVC
      800 Airport Road
      Annville, PA 17003
      (888) 644-6075