Fiber-to-the-Home Go-Kit®

Featuring OFS-900 Series Fusion Splicers
Energy consumption monitoring, thermostats with remote sensors, wireless sound systems, Amazon Echo, Wi-Fi-connected electrical outlets, smart door locks – the possibilities are only limited by your imagination. Smart Home Devices are becoming a part of our daily lives. The infrastructure to support this bandwidth demand is in many cases outdated and by and large insufficient. FTTH networks and similar renditions (FTTB, FTTC, etc.) are the way of the future.

New network installations and upgrades have provided fiber optic technicians with greater opportunities. We know as a technician you take great pride in your work and your reputation. We want you to succeed during this advantageous time.The PRO Go-Kit® for technicians is a convenient, all-in-one toolkit that allows you to keep your fusion splicer, test equipment, tools, cleaning supplies, launch box and cable assemblies all in a convenient rolling backpack.

  • Reduce the number of cases and bags being carried
  • Reduce the number of trips to vehicle to retrieve equipment
  • Reduce downtime and truck rolls

» GOK-FTTX-K1 with Active Cladding Alignment Splicer
» GOK-FTTX-K2 with Core Alignment Splicer

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NEW Two Units in One!

Power Meter with Visual Fault Locator

The PM-501X-VFL from PRO combines an Optical Power Meter and Visual Fault Finder in one easy-to-use unit, reducing the need to carry two different testing tools and lowering costs. The VFL has three different output power settings so it’s like having 3 VFL’s in one unit plus a power meter! Available in two different measuring range options.
  • PM-501A-VFL (-70dBm~+6 dBm) IN-STOCK!
  • PM-501B-VFL (-50dBm~+26dBm)

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Product Spec Sheet:  PM-501X-VFL Power Meter w/ VFL

NEW Wireless Video Inspection Probe

New Product Alert!

VIP-55 Series Video Inspection Probe
The ergonomically-designed VIP-55 Series Video Inspection Probe connects directly to your PC through the computer’s USB 2.0 port. Powered by the USB connection, it features easy single finger focusing, a built-in image freeze/capture button, and detectable resolution to 1μm. The VIP-55 Series Video Inspection Probe includes smartphone application to capture and record the fiber end-face from the Wi-Fi probe that is connected to Android or iOS smartphone. The image can be captured or recorded as video and stored in your phone for easy sending to project managers and QA.

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VIP-55 Series Video Inspection Probe

First-Line Fiber Installation & Verification

New Advanced Capabilities Make Testing Simple

Optical Loss Go-Kits
Dirt and debris are the main cause of many fiber failures. If you are a technician or contractor, our expertly configured kits contain all the tools necessary to quickly measure loss, power levels, inspect and clean connector end-faces. Features including both SM and MM testing capabilities along with Test Cables and SC, ST, FC and universal adapters in a semi-rigid carrying case make PRO the best fiber test kit on the market.

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Optical Loss Go-Kits