Precision Rated Optics (PRO) Welcomes Industry Specialist Kevin Haddock as Director of Sales

//Precision Rated Optics (PRO) Welcomes Industry Specialist Kevin Haddock as Director of Sales

Precision Rated Optics (PRO) Welcomes Industry Specialist Kevin Haddock as Director of Sales

Precision Rated Optics (PRO) Welcomes Industry Specialist Kevin Haddock as Director of Sales

Kevin Haddock - VP of SalesKevin Haddock Brings with Him 18 Years of Product and Channel Management Experience to Drive Sales, Expand Brand and Increase Distribution

ALLENTOWN, Pa., February 6, 2018 — Precision Rated Optics announces today it has hired distribution marketing specialist Kevin Haddock of New Hampshire as its Director of Sales. He will be working remotely at the Trexlertown Corporate Office to oversee sales and product marketing. Kevin Haddock has been tasked with understanding the company’s “big picture” and implementing sales strategies to realize company goals. Mr. Haddock’s well-developed business sense and his understanding of the market are essential to propel PRO forward in today’s telecommunications landscape.

Kevin Haddock comes to Precision Rated Optics at a pivotal time in the industry. According to Adell’s Vice President of Smart Cities Infrastructure Brian Proffit, “The introduction of smartphones and cloud computing, as well as the change in the way content is distributed, has set off a series of earthquakes in the bandwidth infrastructure market. And each has generated its own tsunami of fiber-related expansion.” Mr. Proffit continues on to say, “Internet of Things (IoT) and the development of smart cities will create a marketplace for dark fiber backhaul and fronthaul.”

The fiber optic installers and fiber characterization technicians who will be responsible for the foundation of smart city backhaul can only be as successful as the equipment they are using and the skills they possess. Precision Rated Optics has partnered with several contractors for major MSOs to investigate ways to improve their productivity. By understanding and evaluating their pain points, Precision Rated Optics developed a convenient and comprehensive Go-Kit®. Each Go-Kit is specially configured with industry-specific equipment and consumables. In conjunction with hands-on training and skills assessment, the PRO Go-Kit successfully addressed key areas in which technicians were experiencing the most downtime, subsequently reducing the average Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) and reducing truck rolls.

“Not every manufacturer can provide PRO’s level of attention to their end-users. Precision Rated Optics has the agility to partner with customers to understand their business needs and objectives,” says Kevin Haddock. “I’m looking forward to being able to directly impact the industry during this exciting time. PRO already offers innovative product solutions, we just need to get PRO products out there and in the hands of every technician by making them more accessible through increased distribution and brand awareness,” exclaimed Kevin Haddock. Mr. Haddock’s experience in product management and applications engineering has provided him an understanding of the products and features technicians need to do their jobs successfully.

Kevin Haddock brings with him 18 years of industry experience related to customer service, technical support, channel management, product management and distribution marketing. Mr. Haddock was previously Channel Sales Manager at Velcro Companies, where he was responsible for sales of Velcro® Brand products through their distributors and converter partners.  Prior to Velcro Companies, Mr. Haddock served a number of roles in the Test and Inspection Division throughout his fifteen-year career at AFL.

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About Precision Rated Optics

Precision Rated Optics or “PRO” was created to bring to the global fiber optics industry a new and exciting choice in high-quality fusion splicers and test equipment.

The PRO line-up offers an excellent performance vs. price ratio on test instruments and fusion splicers designed with features, performance, and usability foremost in mind. Therefore, PRO solutions provide productive and therefore profitable field units. PRO fusion splicers and PRO test instruments are known for their reliability, superior technology, and durability.

In cooperation with the Adtell Group’s industry-leading educators, engineers and technicians, service providers and industry innovators, PRO can accomplish any task, large or small.  From fiber certification training to network diagnostics and characterization to asset management software solutions, consultation and engineering support.

Precision Rated Optics is dedicated to raising the bar – to creating a company that you can think of as “one-stop-shopping” for all your fiber optic needs, whatever they may be.

Your job requires solutions. Work with a PRO.

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