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Launch Boxes – AKA “Dead Zone Eliminator”

A “Dead Zone Eliminator”, “Pulse Suppressor” and “Launch Box” are all very similar devices, and have many benefits when used for fiber characterization and troubleshooting. Essentially, all three are typically long lengths of fiber (accurately measured) that have been coiled and encased in a rugged, portable box. The box is connected to the test equipment (usually an OTDR) and effectively eliminates the “Dead Zone” that naturally occurs at a fiber optic signal end-point, due to “backscattering”.

Eliminating the “Dead Zone” results in far greater testing accuracy. Also, when used as the connection point between your equipment and a patch panel, they reduce the wear and tear on the costly equipment’s built-in ports, reducing repair, maintenance costs and downtime.

Ideally, a Launch Box should be used at both ends of the fiber under test, in order to achieve the highest degree of accuracy when characterizing a length of fiber.

PRO can custom-build Launch Boxes to your specific requirements, with any connectors you want, determined by the type of equipment you are using, as well as the type of testing you are typically performing.

Just give us a call and let us know what kind of testing you’re performing. We’ll take care of the rest.