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The Visual Fault Locator (VFL) or Continuity Tester is one of the least expensive and most useful tools you can own. A VFL is an essential tool that quickly and easily locates faults, breaks and other problems in fiber optic cables, and verify the continuity of an optical fiber. The VFL shines a visible (red) laser light into the fiber and can locate faults, up to approximately five kilometers away. VFLs operate @ 635nm for Higher Visual accuracy or @ 670 nm for longer Distances. A VFL is able to identify or “see” breaks through 3mm jacket. By finding the exact location of the fiber damage, technicians can quickly diagnose, troubleshoot and fix the problem efficiently, saving time and money.

Applications Using A Visual Fault Locator (VFL)

  • A VFL can detect breaks in an OTDR dead zone
  • It highlights sharp bends where losses occur
  • Optimizes mechanical/fusion splices
  • Detects defective connectors
  • Ensures end-to-end fiber identification in multifiber cables
  • Detects major scratches on connector surfaces

Important Safety Tip

When using a Visual Fault Locator or VFL, view the fiber end from an angle and keep it at least 12 inches away from the eye.