PRO-TK-STARTER Fiber Optic Starter Termination Kit

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PRO-TK-STARTER Fiber Optic Starter Termination Kit


The PRO-TK-STARTER  Fiber Optic Starter Termination Kit is ideal for field termination. This kit includes everything a technician needs to hand terminate standard connectors (FC, ST, SC).  This kit is designed for technicians terminating standard pigtails and patch cords.

Item Name QTY
12″ x 10″ x 11″ Black Canvas Bag Large 1
Fiber Optic Inspection Scope (400X)  1
Black Sharpie 1
PRO-FSC-200 Fiber Scrap Container 1
Empty syringe w/ .9mm Needle (25pk) 1
Optic Prep Tissue – 1 Packet  10
Empty 4oz bottle for Alcohol  2
Fiber Optic Cleaning Wipes 1
Measurement Scale 6″ (150mm) 1
Safety Glasses 1
Loctite Formula 7090 Epoxy Hardener 1
Anaerobic Adhesive Hardener 1
Hand polish pad (5.75″) 1/16″ thick 1
Double Ended Carbide Scribe 1
Universal Fiber Optic Polishing Disk 1
 Electrical Tape 1
 Kevlar Shears 1
 Glass Polish Plate 6″ x 9″ 1
 Fiber Optic Stripper Three Hole 1
 Fiber Optic Crimp Tool with Die 1
 Polish Film 3 in 1 (5, 1, .3um) 25pk 1

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