Optical Loss Test Set Go-Kit #2 (SM w/Data Log)

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Optical Loss Test Set Go-Kit #2 (SM w/Data Log)



Precision Rated Optics has developed Optical Loss Go-Kits designed for specific markets within the communications industry. With new advanced capabilities that make testing simple, PRO Optical Loss Go-Kits are the best “go-to” kits for anyone involved in first-line optical fiber cabling installation and verification.

Whether you are a fiber technician or contractor, our expertly configured kits contain all the tools necessary to quickly measure loss, power levels, inspect and clean connector end-faces. Features including both SM and MM testing capabilities along with Test Cables and SC, ST, FC and universal adapters in a semi-rigid carrying case make PRO the best fiber test kit on the market.

● Semi-Rigid Carrying Case
● Power Meter (Six Wavelength)
● Light Source
● 400x Fiber Inspection Scope
● Cleaning Supplies

Optical Loss Test Set Go-Kit Product Spec Sheet

GOK-OLS-K2 Optical Loss Go-Kit includes the following items
LS-102D LS-102D Light Source (1310/1550nm) fixed 1
PM-204B PRO Power Meter (-50~+26) w/Data Storage 1
VFL-5 PRO Mini Visual Fault Locator 1mw 1
HM-C400S Fiber Optic Inspection Scope (400x) 1
PC-S-ACUCU01F SC/UPC-SC/UPC PC Simplex SM9 3mm 1M 2
PC-S-CLUCU01F LC/UPC-SC/UPC PC Simplex SM9 2mm 1M 2
CA-S-SC-S6SPZ Mating Sleeve SC/UPC SM Simplex (Z) 2
CA-S-LC-S6DPZ Mating Sleeve SC/UPC SM Simplex 2
PRO-LFW-100 PRO-LFW-100 Lint-free Wipe (100ct.) 1
PRO-CC-AQ PRO-CC-AQ Connector Cleaner Water Base 1
SRC-2-GOK-LOGO Semi-rigid case 100 Series 1