Boasting a 36dB dynamic range and a 1 meter dead zone, the PRO 5 Series satisfies even the most demanding testing and troubleshooting requirements. An array of operational modes such as One Button Fault Finder, Construction, Real-Time and Full -Manual make the 5 Series perfect for everything from LAN networks to Metro networks.

The 5 Series also includes a Visual Fault Locator, AutoTest/AutoWave Power Meter, Stable Light Source and a Video Inspection Scope.

You’ll also receive the “CertSoft” certification software suite which allows you to print professional reports that can include Loss Tests Set measurements and Connector-End Face images.

• 36 dB Dynamic Range
• Short, 1 Meter Dead Zone
• Fiber Inspection Video Probe Port
• Onboard Memory Stores 500 Traces

Wavelengths: (850, 1300) (1310, 1490, 1550nm ±20nm)
Dynamic Range: 27/26dB (MM) 36/34dB (SM)
Pulse Width: 5 – 20,000 ns
Units of Measurement: km, kf, mi
Event Dead Zone: 1m
Attenuation Dead Zone: 4m
Resolution: .125 – 32m
Measurement Accuracy: ±(0.75m + 0.005% x distance + sampling resolution)
Full Distance Accuracy Range: 1-64km MM , 1-180km SM
Typical Real-Time Refresh Rate: 2 Hz
Group Index of Refraction (GIR): 1.024 – 2.048
Linearity: ± .05 dB/dB
Memory Capacity: ~500 Traces
Memory Type: Internal and Flash Drive
Power Supply:  Battery (Rechargeable) 8 hr. / Charger
Storage Temperature: -20 to 60 C
Operating Temperature Range: -10 to 50 C
Weight & Dimensions (without rubber boot): 7.75” (L) x 4.5” (W) x 2.25” (H) in / 2 lbs 197 (L) x 114 (W) x 57 (H) mm / 0.91 kg)
Communication Ports: USB and USB Flash Drive Ports
Connector Styles: FC, ST, SC Interchangeable

Visual Fault Locator Specifications

Emitter Type: Laser Photo Diode 1100 – 1700nm InGaAs -70-+9dBm with interchangeable FC Adapter
Wavelength: 650nm ±5nm
Connector Type: 2.5mm Universal
Output Power: 1mW Max

Power Meter Specifications
Detector Type: InGaAs
Connector Type: 2.5mm Interchangeable
Dynamic Range: +5 to -77dB (CATV – +25 to -57dB)
Wavelengths: 850,1300,1310,1490,1550,1625nm
Units of Measurement: dBm, dB
Resolution: .01 dB
Power Measurement Accuracy:
± 0.18 dB under reference conditions,
± 0.25 dB from 0 to -65 dBm,
± 0.35 dB from 0 to +5 dBm and from -65 to -77 dBm
Autotest Range: 0 to -40dB

Light Source Specifications
Fiber Type Multimode, Singlemode
Wavelengths: 850/1300 (MM) 1310/1550 nm ±20nm (SM)
Output Power: 0 dBm (-3dBm @ 1550nm)
Laser Safety Classification: Class I Safety Per FDA/CDRH and IEC-825-1 Regulation
Modulation Modes: CW, 270 Hz, 1000 Hz, 2000 Hz

Warranty: Standard 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty (Extended Warranty Available)

PRO 5-Series OTDR Standard Package Includes:
• Universal Power Adapter with; US, UK, Continental Europe and Australian Plugs
• Interchangeable FC/ST and SC Adapters
• Windows/Telcordia SR4731 Software
• Rubber Boot and Manual on CD

PRO 5-Series OTDR Ordering Information:
PRO OFT-5SM-35-FP  |  1310/1550nm SM OTDR with LTS, VFL & VIP Port

PRO OFT-5SM-35-VFP  |  1310/1550nm SM OTDR with LTS, VFL, VIP Port, Probe & Soft Case
PRO OFT-5MM-83-FP  |  1850/1300nm SM OTDR with LTS, VFL & VIP Port
PRO OFT-5MM-83-VFP  |  850/1300nm MM OTDR with LTS, VFL, VIP Port, Probe and Soft Case
PRO OFT-5Q-FP  |  1310/1550nm SM OTDR with LTS, VFL & VIP Port
PRO OFT-5SM-35-FP  |  850/1300/1310/1550nm Quad OTDR with LTS, VFL & VIP Port
PRO OFT-5Q-VFP  |  850/1300/1310/1550nm Quad OTDR with LTS, VFL, VIP Port, Probe & Case
PRO OFT-5TRI-356-FP  |  1310/1550/1625nm Triple Wave OTDR with LTS, VFL & VIP Port
PRO OFT-5TRI-356-VFP  |  1310/1550/1625nm Triple Wave OTDR with LTS, VFL, VIP Port, Probe & Case

OFT-5 Series Product Spec Sheet
OFT-5 Series Data Management Software