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PRO-5350 Series OTDR

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PRO-5350 Series OTDR

The PRO-5350 OTDR is the new generation of intelligent OTDRs for use in fiber communications systems. With an increase in optical network construction in cities and suburbs, there is often a need for higher power OTDRs.

The PRO-5350 Series is specifically designed for such applications. The PRO-5350 Series is manufactured within precise engineering and design tolerances, keeping usability, durability and expandability in mind. Subject to stringent mechanical, electronic and optical testing, quality can be seen and felt from the ruggedized body and high resolution display, to the soft-touch keypad and user-friendly USB interface.

The PRO-5350 Series OTDR options include a VFL, Power Meter, Light Source and Inspection Probe. Sold, serviced and supported in the USA, the PRO-5350 comes with a standard 1-year manufacturer’s warranty and carrying case.

Features of the PRO-5350 OTDR:PRO-5350 OTDR and FiberConnect
• IP65 Waterproof Rating
• 7” TFT, Color Touchscreen Display
• Built-in VFL
• Built-in Power Meter
• Built-in Light Source
• User-Friendly Interface

Specifications of the PRO-5350 OTDR:
Pulse Width: 3-20Kns
Operational Wavelength: 1310/1550nm (Standard*)
Dynamic Range: 32/30dB (Standard*)
Full Distance Accuracy: 240Km
Sampling Resolution: Minimum 0.25m
Sampling Point: Maximum 128,000 Points
Linearity: ≤0.05dB/dB
Loss Threshold: 0.01dB
Loss Resolution: 0.001dB
Distance Resolution: 0.01m
Distance Accuracy: ± (1m+Measuring Distance x 3 x 10-5 + Sampling Resolution)
Internal Visual Source: 10mW, CW/2Hz
VFL: -5dBm
Data Storage: 4GB
Interface: 1-RJ-45 Port, 3-USB Port (2-Type A, 1-Type B)
Display: 7 Inch TFT-LCD (Touch-Screen Function is Optional)
Battery: 7.4V/4.4Ah Lithium Battery (with Aviation Certification) – Continuous 6 Hours Working Time
Working Temp:  -10°C ~ +50°C
Storage Temp:  -20°C ~ +70°C
Humidity: ≤95% (Non-Dew)
Dimensions (Battery Included): 9.9″ x 6.6″ x 2.9″ / 1.5lb (253 x 168 x 73.5mm / 1.5kg)

Warranty: 1-Year

PRO-5350 OTDR Standard Package Includes:
• 12V Power Adapter
• Lithium Battery
• FC Adapter
• 10mW VFL
• USB Cord
• User Guide
• Test Report Software CD
• Carrying Case

Ordering Information
PRO-5350-TS-D26 | PRO-5350 OTDR, SM, 26/24dB
PRO-5350-TS-D32 | PRO-5350 OTDR, SM, 32/30dB
PRO-5350-TS-D35 | PRO-5350 OTDR, SM, 35/33dB
PRO-5350-TS-D40 |PRO-5350 OTDR, SM, 40/38dB
PRO-5350-TS-D43 | PRO-5350 OTDR, SM, 43/41dB
PRO-5350-TS-M21 | PRO-5350 OTDR, MM, 19/21dB
PRO-5350-TS-Q21 | PRO-5350 OTDR, SM/MM, 19/21/35/33dB
PRO-5350-TS-Q22 | PRO-5350 OTDR, SM/MM, 19/21/40/38dB
PRO-5350-TS-T40 | PRO-5350 OTDR, SM, 40/38/38dB
PRO-5350-TS-T43 | PRO 5350 OTDR, SM, 43/40/40dB

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