FS-FF-50 Series Cleavers

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FS-FF-50 Series Cleavers

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FS-FF-50GB Demonstration

FS-FF-50 Series

The PRO FS-FF-50 Series fiber optic cleaver is easy to use and performs consistently exact cleaves. The FS-FF-50 Series cleaver is available in two configurations. The standard configuration is the FS-FF-50G. The FS-FF-50GB cleaver comes equipped with an optional scrap container for cleanup and removal.

Ordering Information
FS-FF-50GB | Precision Rated Optics Cleaver 50GB
FS-FFB-50 | Blade Replacement blade
FS-FF-W50GB | 50GB Cleaver Waste Bin

FS-FF-50 Series Product Spec Sheet
FS-FF-50 Series User Manual