OFS-960S Fusion Splicer (Core-Alignment)

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OFS-960S Fusion Splicer (Core-Alignment)


OFS-960S Fusion Splicer

The PRO OFS-960S Core Alignment Fusion Splicer uses the latest core alignment technology with autofocus and six motors. It is a new generation of fiber fusion splicers. It is fully qualified with 100 km trunk construction, FTTH project, security monitoring, and other fiber cable splicing projects. The machine uses industrial quad-core CPU, fast response, and is currently one of the fastest fiber splicing machines in the market. With 5-inch 800X480 high-resolution screen, the operation is simple and intuitive. Up to 300 times focus magnification makes it very easy to observe the fiber. The PRO OFS-960S fusion splicer boasts 5 seconds splice time and 15 second heating time, increasing work efficiency by 50% compared to ordinary splicing machines.


  • Six Motors
  • Core Alignment
  • 5 Second Splice Time
  • 15 Second Heating Time
  • Built-in Power Meter and VFL
  • Anti-theft lock
  • Remote Control

Specifications of the OFS-960S Core Alignment Fusion Splicer
Applicable fiber type: SM(ITU-T G.652&G.657) / MM(ITU-T G.651) / DS(ITU-T G.657) / NZDS(ITU-T G.655)
Fiber count: Single
Focus mode: Auto Focus
Applicable fiber cables: 0.25mm- 3.0mm/ Indoor Cable
Applicable fiber diameter: Cladding diameter: 80-150μm; Coating diameter: 100-1000μm
Fiber Holders: Multifunction holders, Applicable for SM, MM, bare fiber, pigtail, rubber-insulated, multi-fiber cable
Splice loss: SM : 0.025dB, MM : 0.01dB, DS : 0.04dB, NZDS : 0.04dB
Splice mode: Normal/high precision splicing
Internal splice data storage: Synchronize with phone for unlimited cloud storage
Splicing time: 5s
Heat oven: 40mm, 60mm
Typical heating time: 15s
Heat mode: Various heat modes available
Displaying method: Two cameras and 5.0-inch color LCD monitor
Magnification: 300x single X or Y view, or 150x both X and Y view
Tensile test: 2N
Standard AC power voltage: AC 100-240V, 50-60Hz
Standard DC power voltage: DC 13.5V/4.8A
Screen: 5.1 inch TFT color display
Size (HxWxD): 6.57” x 5.62” x 6.41”in / 6.17lb (167 x 143 x 163mm / 2.8kg)
Operating condition: 0~5000m above sea level, 0~95% relative humidity, 5~122°F (-15~50°C), 15m/s max wind speed
Storage condition: 0~95% relative humidity, -40~176°F (-40~80°C)
Battery: 7800 mA high-capacity lithium battery
Charging Time: ≥ 3.5 hours
Continuous Splicing and Heating: 240 times
Power Meter – Wavelength: 850nm, 1300nm, 1310nm, 1490nm, 1550nm, 1625nm
Power Meter – Measuring Range: -70 ~ +6dB; Absolute Error: <0.3db(-50dbm ~ +3dbm Range)
Visual Fault Locator: Power 15mW, 2Hz, Flashing or Constant Light Modes
Software upgrade: Mobile app, turn on Bluetooth sync to machine

OFS-960S Standard Package Includes:

Fusion splicer, fiber cleaver, spare electrodes, wire stripping pliers, 3-hole stripper, hex key, carrying case, fiber for arc calibration, carrying strap, power adapter, alcohol bottle, brush, LED light

Ordering Information
OFS-960S | OFS-960S Fusion Splicer

Optional Accessories

GOK-BKPKLT-GOKW | Go-Kit Backpack (backpack only)

PRO-CK-CLEAN-001 | PRO Cleaning Kit w/ QuickClicks

VIP-45 | VIP-45 Video Inspection Probe


Download OFS-960S Fusion Splicer Spec Sheet