OCC-CWDM-18 18-Channel Analyzer

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OCC-CWDM-18 18-Channel Analyzer

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OFT-18-CWDM 18-Channel Analyzer

The OFT-18-CWDM Channel Analyzer displays a full scan of the 18 channels on the ITU grid twice per second. The onscreen interface is intuitive, and allows the user instant access to all functions. With its “One-Button Auto-Test” feature, and a full set of selectable scale limits and thresholds, the PRO OFT-18-CWDM makes zeroing in on channel measurements incredibly easy. Manufactured, sold, serviced and supported in the USA, the OFT-18-CWDM Channel Analyzer comes standard with FC and SC adapters, Windows-compatible software and a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty

• 32 dB Dynamic Range
• Flexible Wavelength Configuration
• Video Inspection capability
• Trace Overlay Capability
• Onboard Memory for 500 traces
• Visible Fault Locator
• USB Flash Drive Port and Mini USB/PC Port

CWDM 18-Channel Analyzer Standard Package Includes:
Channel Analyzer, Universal Power Supply with Mains for US, UK, CE and AU. Interchangeable FC and SC Adapters,
Windows-Compatible Software, USB Cable, Manual and Rubber Boot

Ordering Information:
OFT-18-CWDM 18-Channel CWDM Channel Analyzer w/ VIP Port

OFT-18-CWDM Product Spec Sheet