PRO OCC-CWDM-201A-10 10 Channel Analyzer

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PRO OCC-CWDM-201A-10 10 Channel Analyzer

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PRO HCC-CW-201A 10 Channel Analyzer

• 10 CH Wavelength Testing : 1431nm~1611nm
• Histogram and List Data Display Modes
• Can Also Function as a Power Meter
• Data Transfer to PC via USB

The HCC-CW-201A Handheld 10 Channel CWDM Channel Analyzer is specially designed for CWDM
installation, maintenance and troubleshooting. Engineered with the ability to monitor 10
CWDM channels, the HCC-CW-201A can replace high cost spectrometers and conduct
quick, reliable measurements in any work environment. Its lightweight, ruggedized design
and build-quality mean that the 201A can withstand heavy field use without compromising
quality or accuracy.

Wavelength (nm): 1431 ~ 1611
Power Range (dBm): -40 ~ +10
Channel Number: 10
Channel Spacing: 20nm
Central Wavelength: ITU
Channel Band-Pass ITU: ±6.5nm
Channel Power Resolution: ±0.01 dB
Channel Power Accuracy: ±0.5 dB
Maximum Input Power: 13 dBm
Return Loss: >45 dB
Close Channels Insulation: ≥25 dB
Non=close Channels Insulation: ≥30 dB
Units of Measurement: mW/uW/dB (REF)
Data Storage: 1,000 Sets
Application Range: Single n
Connector: FC/PC (Interchangeable SC, ST)
Power Meter
Calibrated Wavelengths (nm): 850, 1300, 1310, 1490, 1550, 1625nm
Power Range (dBm): -60 ~ +10
Units: mW/uW/nW/dBm/dB (REF)
Resolution: ±0.25 dB (5%) @25 ºC
Power Supply: NiMH Rechargeable Battery / AC Adaptor
Battery Capacity: Continuous Operation ≥10 Hours
Working Temperature: 0º C ~ 50ºC
Humidity: 0 ~ 95%
Dimensions (LxWxD): 7.5” x 4” x 2”
Weight: 1.5lb

Three Modes of Operation:
Histogram Mode
• X Axis: Channels 1 ~ 10 from 1431nm ~ 1611nm.
• Y Axis: Value (dBm).

List Mode
• 10-Channel List
• Units of Measurement: mW/uW/dBm/dB (REF)
• RED Indicate Failure

General Power Meter mode
• Six Wavelengths: 850nm, 1300nm, 1310nm, 1490nm, 1550nm, 1625nm
• Units of Measurement: mW/uW/nW/dBm/dB (REF)

HCC-CW-201A Standard Package Includes:
CWDM Analyzer, NiMH Battery, AC Adaptor, USB Cable, Software CD, Calibration Certification, User Manual, Carrying Case

HCC-CW-201A Product Spec Sheet
HCC-CW-201A Product Manual