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Broadband Asset Management / Network Documentation / GIS Data Mapping

FiberBase™ is a sophisticated database and mapping package designed for today’s broadband environment. Designed by industry professionals, FiberBase™ lets you map all your network assets in a GIS enabled database, completely document your network from entire routes to individual fibers, and plan for network expansion. Check out our FiberBase™ specific page for more info!

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Track Network Assets

The importance of having a complete listing of your equipment, where it is located and what it is attached to, cannot be underestimated in any size network. Whether copper or fiber, networks can be pretty complex. FiberBase eliminates the guesswork, enabling you to map every asset and feature of your network. FiberBase allows you to zoom from a satellite map view all the way down to an individual customer on a single transport signal!

Perform Complex Queries

Whether you need to know how many customers have been affected by an outage, or simply want to see how many pieces of equipment in your central office are older than 5 years, FiberBase makes it easy. Built around an Oracle back end, FiberBase can query any data, based on any parameter you define.

Real-Time Network Monitoring

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Dedicated Network Monitoring Devices are gaining popularity in the Fiber Optics industry. By continuously scanning your network for signal degradation, monitoring solutions allow you to locate and address problems before they lead to outages, saving you time and money. 

FiberBase has now partnered with NTest, the industry’s leading Remote Fiber Test System. Together, NTest and FiberBase can monitor a network 24/7, alerting service providers or engineers of problems and then mapping the incident location down to a street address or closest intersection!

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Instantly Locate Outages

It’s fairly likely that you use OTDR traces to determine the integrity of your network. Unfortunately, OTDRs don’t know the difference between a cable that’s running up a pole or one that’s underground. With proper mapping of your network, you can often pinpoint problems with a single OTDR scan!

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Fresh News


7.15.2012 – FiberBase CS (Cloud Services) is now hosted by Amazon Web Services for small and medium sized firms.

The FiberBase CS (Cloud Services) Solution is the optimal solution for companies looking to obtain the benefits of a Network Asset Management Solution without the difficulties associated with managing such a robust environment within an overly strained IT department.


11.14.2012 – PRO and FiberBase attend OSP to highlight FBE-300 OTDR and it’s interaction with FiberBase.

Precision Rated Optics and have developed a joint marketing effort at the OSP show in Denver to introduce the new FBE-300 (FiberBase Enabled) OTDR and help sell the idea of proactive network documentation and network management.