Precision Rated Optics

Booth #111 at 2017 TCEI EXPO

Last week Precision Rated Optics (PRO) attended yet another successful TCEI EXPO in Belton, Texas. This year’s TCEI EXPO seemed to be one of the best-attended in recent years. It’s no surprise considering the huge influx of network infrasture that industry is currently experiencing. We spoke to a lot of telecom technicians who are seeing more fusion splicing opportunities. In fact, many of the attendees that we met were interested in fiber installer training and certification. Fortuantely we are able to provide fiber optic training from our partners in the Adtell Group [See].

The EXPO is held each year in early April and provides vendors from across the nation and around the world an opportunity to present their products and services to operating companies engaged in the business of providing telecommunication services to end users. The PRO Go-Kit is always a big hit at these shows. The PRO Go-Kit solves a pain point that many technicians suffer from. The PRO Go-Kit provides an all-in-one, time-saving solution for technicians of every industry. By having all the necessary equipment ready to go in a grab-n-go Go-Kit, more technicians are able to reduce the amount of time it takes to repair or restore networks. PRO’s Go-Kits are configured for specific industry needs. In addition, we are always accomodating to custom Go-Kits for companies.

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