Make more money selling Precision Rated Optics products and equipment

Why should you become an authorized fiber optic distributor of PRO products?

Competitive Margins
Make more money selling Precision Rated Optics products and equipment compared to other manufactures you distribute.

U.S. Stocked
Precision Rated Optics stocks the majority of its inventory domestically at its distribution center in Pennsylvania. This equates to a 2-3 week lead time compared to 4 weeks or sometimes 6-8 weeks with other manufacturers.

No Territory Restrictions
Don’t miss out on opportunities due to international restrictions. PRO distributors are authorized to sell domestically and internationally.

Live Support
Feel at ease knowing you will be able to reach a support staff member with any questions you may have during our regular business hours.

Product Portfolio

PRO-790-Case in useWhether you are new to the fiber optic industry, just getting started, or looking to expand your current product line, Precision Rated Optics has hundreds of products and equipment including custom configurations.

Test and Measurement Devices
Precision Rated Optics has an enormous selection of test and measurement devices with several types of OTDRs and break/fault locators. We have everything from the basics (VFL,OFI,PM/LS) to more advanced testing equipment (Modular OTDR, Channel Analyzer, MPO Test Set).

Fusion Splicing
Precision Rated Optics manufactures fusion splicers for every application and every budget. From fusion splicers loaded with just the bare minimum, to all-in-one on-board cleaning, cleaving, and splicing machines, there is a splicer for every price range.

ConsumablesCK-MPO Cleaning Kit
Over 70% of network errors are caused by contaminated connectors. The contamination can be from dirt and debris on the connector end-face. Precision Rated Optics carries all the cleaning supplies required for successful installation, maintenance or repairs. In addition to cleaning supplies, Precision Rated Optics also supplies adapters, attenuators, splice packs and cable assemblies.

Emergency Response Go-Kit™ Custom Configurations
Let us help you save time and money by ordering custom configurations. We have a highly experienced production staff that can create any launch box, loaded enclosures, cable assemblies, adapter plates or Go-Kits™ to fit your specific industry or job requirements.

Precision Rated Optics offers a variety of kits that are designed to make your life easier. Whether you need tools, cleaning supplies, or a Go-Kit™… We have it all!

Software & Training
Precision Rated Optics is so much more than just products. We are a fully integrated company, who is passionate about the improvement of the fiber optic industry. We provide FiberBase® network asset management solutions to help you document your new or legacy networks. We offer training and field work as a service for those in need of a little extra help. Distributors can even take advantage monthly marketing promotions with custom designed with their logo!


Fiber Optic Reseller Application

If you are interested in becoming an authorized fiber optic reseller for one of the leading manufacturers of fiber optic products and equipment, completely fill out the application to get started! All applications are subject to approval.