Since January 2015, the Go-Kit brand has been synonymous with convenience and ease. We learned from our own technicians in the field, that there was a need to provide a simple, easy solution to lugging around all types of gear to and from the work site. Enter Go-Kit. We started off by configuring backpacks based on particular industry needs — Data center, FTTx, OSP, DAS, General Contracting and more. We had a great response from our industry configured and custom configured Go-Kit backpacks. One particular east coast MSO has supplied 100 of their technicians with their own custom configured Go-Kit backpack.

Then taking the knowledge we discovered from the SCTE Cable-Tec Expo, we configured basic, entry-level Go-Kit backpacks to suit a more general population of technicians. These are the Technician Splicing Go-Kit and the Technician OTDR Go-Kit. We noticed that most technicians are either a splicing tech or a testing tech, so we wanted to make a simple version to accommodate those audiences.

Of course we are always capable of creating a custom Go-Kit to fit your technician’s individual needs or simply offer the Go-Kit backpack as an “al a carte” item.

Through the course of the Go-Kit brand, one thing will remain the same — our dedication to serving the technicians who continue to support us. We are always open to suggestions and will strive to improve the Go-Kit brand to always suit YOUR needs.

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