Precision Rated Optics attends the TCEI 2016 EXPO in Belton Texas this month (April 5-7)

First off, thank you to everyone who visited Koda and Frank at our TCEI EXPO Booth this month. It was great to see some familiar faces and to meet some new ones! As always we appreciate your time and support.

Noteworthy topics from the EXPO:

  • Network Asset Management Software
    • What we learned from talking to visitors at the EXPO, is that many of you are experiencing a need for a good asset management tool. Of the people we talked to, there seems to be a similar complaint; There aren’t a lot of software options available for asset management that easily integrates with your current system. You’re either plagued with having to almost redo your network in a different program – spending hours at a computer with complicated drawings and maps, or you have insufficient documentation for your network. Precision Rated Optics and the Adtell Group can help by assisting in asset migration and building your new database with FiberBase. Let Adtell do the dirty work of transporting and transforming your network into a fully searchable and maintainable database. If you’re interested in more information on FiberBase or would like to schedule a demo, email You can also visit the FiberBase website ( and let them know that Frank and Koda from the TCEI EXPO sent you.
  • Fiber Optic Training
    • Another topic that came up a lot at the show was the need for hands-on real world training. Many of the institutions that teach fiber are only teaching theory or they do not teach enough skills for in-the-field work. While theory is crucial in understanding how fiber optics work, only TFS Certification instructors are seasoned field technicians with several years experience in the field who can give direct insight to what students will actually see in the field. As a member of the Adtell Group, PRO is able to leverage the unique training approach of The Fiber School. Their experience speaks for itself; Here are some student testimonials to prove it:
  • All-in-One Go-Kit Solution
    • The focal point of the TCEI EXPO was without a doubt the PRO Go-Kit. The PRO Go-Kit is available in a variety of shapes, sizes, budgets and applications. The most popular, the Go-Kit Backpack is the ultimate time saving solution in the field. Whenever there are repairs, routine maintenance or emergency restoration, having a PRO Go-Kit handy drastically reduces MTTR (mean time to repair). Technicians face a number of challenges when it comes to keeping track of their telecom equipment. Many times a company shares equipment which eventually leads to misplaced items or equipment that was not tested before being sent out on a job. Equipping every technician and contractor with a PRO Go-Kit allows technicians to have all of their tools, cleaning supplies, inspection devices, test equipment (OTDR, PM/LS) and fusion splicer ready to go at all times. The lightweight, rugged backpack even has additional storage for anything else you might need that we haven’t already thought of. Watch our promotional video on the PRO Go-Kit:

It looks like our visitors had a fun time at the wheel! We were excited to give away fiber optic training classes, test equipment, Memberships and more! Thank you again to everyone who stopped by our booth! See you at the TCEI EXPO next year!

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