PRO Certification

Why should my company consider a PRO Cert Certification?

Precision Rated Optics employs experts in the field of fiber optic testing and fusion splicing. We utilize the talents of these individuals for both certification training, services, and product development. Our instructors are among the most experienced and qualified in the industry – bar none.We will certify your ability to demonstrate a practical knowledge of fiber optic theory as well as the codes, standards and practices widely accepted in the fiber optics industry. The skills taught are immediately applicable to a technician’s responsibilities.

 Courses Offered


These certification courses may be adapted slightly to focus on a specific hands-on skill set or specific topic based on the individual class requirements. An example of this might be FTTX (Fiber-to-the-Home/Curb/Tower/Antenna), or specific emergency restoration splicing or testing.

Introduction to Fiber OpticsThis course is an excellent starting point for those who install, design, or supervise the installation of fiber optic systems.
Advanced Fiber Optic Installer Advanced Fiber & Installation training is designed for those who layout, install or maintain fiber optic cabling systems.
Advanced Fiber Optic SplicingAdvanced hands-on design labs along with advanced fusing splicing techniques are featured in this course.
Advanced Fiber Optic TestingThis course features advanced hands-on testing labs demonstrating advanced testing procedures and techniques.


Keys to successful training – Hands-On training of the latest industry standards

All of Precision Rated Optics’ certifications are designed around teaching technicians the latest hands-on skills and business practices associated with their specific job functions. For examples, we take the time to address the safety and documentation responsibilities of each job function to ensure professionalism and best business practices. This is why we demonstrate the FiberBase™ Network Documentation and Asset Management Software and how it integrates all our hardware into a coherent solution. We truly believe the industry benefits from a more centralized approach to data collection and management. That’s why we’ve designed what we believe to be the first solution allowing OTDRs and Splicers to access network information.

We do not require candidates to have any prior experience with our equipment or attend a prerequisite course, but it may be helpful if you have a base knowledge of the following topics:

  • Fiber Optic Cables
  • Fiber Optic Connectors and Terminations
  • OTDRs and Fusion Splicers

Our courses are excellent for anyone who designs, installs, maintains or tests fiber optic cabling systems.