Precision Rated Optics has partnered with The Fiber School to provide world-class fiber optic training and certification to its product portfolio. Below you will see some of the featured TFS courses that Precision Rated Optics proudly offers.

Fiber Optic Installer Course (TR-CFI)

Master Fiber Optic Splicing

This fiber optic installation training course is designed for those who layout, install or maintain fiber optic cabling systems. It identifies you as an installer able to demonstrate a practical knowledge of fiber optic theory, codes, standards and practices widely accepted in the fiber optics industry. In addition, this training incorporates two days of individual hands-on training validating installer skills, including fiber terminations, cable preparations, fusion splicing, OTDR and optical loss testing. These skills are applicable to all the requirements to safely and competently install, maintain, and test fiber optic cabling systems.

OTDR Trace Analysis for Managers (TR-TAM)

OTDR Trace Analysis for managers is a one-day online class with live, instructor-led lecture and exercises to train managers in evaluating the traces they receive and see potential issues that may create problems down the road.

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